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The Trotter Videography 2015 Annual Fish Fry & Client Appreciation

This years fish fry was simply awesome! We counted approximately 60 attendees. Each year it gets a little bit bigger and alot better!!! The weather was perfect and the setting (Hercules CA Hills) was simply a sight to see and best of all... it's FREE. All the catfish, striped bass, perch, and blackbass that you can eat in one location is rare, but hey, we are rare people. We enjoy fishing almost as much as we do shooting video! Almost... We had star studded attendees which included Owners Portia O'Meara and Shamia La'Nae of 2Complete Fasions (www.2complete.me), Owner Kim Evans of 2GORJIS Cosmetics (www.2gorjis.com), and Producer, Writer, and Arranger and Photographer Khalid An-Nur out of Richmond CA (http://www.thisis50.com/profile/KhalidAnNur) just to name a few!

We would like to acknowledge all of the volunteers who helped to make this event memorable... We cant thank you enough!

We also want to acknowledge all of our past and future clients. Thank you for the opportunity and priveledge to serve as your primary event videographer/producer. We strive to deliver on time and to deliver a quality cinematic piece that you will cherish for years to come. We hope you enjoyed this years fish fry and pray that you will be in attendance for the 2016 fish fry.

We've always said that giving back to the community that has made us what we are today is not just our corporate responsibility, it's good business.

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