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The Trotter Videography Team at the Claremont Hotel, Berkeley CA

Starting off the year of 2016, The Trotter Videography team did a video shoot tonight at the historical Claremont Hotel in Berkeley CA. On the set was Vallejos very own E-40 and his lovely wife Tracy. We got to know E-40 and Tracy on several levels and they are a very charming couple. This year will be a busy year for us as we already have a fairly full calendar! and its just january. Look for this video shoot as well as the upcoming music video shoot we are producing for Pierre Johnson of 21st Century on the Motown label- His rendition of Marvin Gaye's "I Want You" is all ready in production and should be completed by early spring 2016. Also, CONGRATULATIONS Tony and Kim on your 25th Wedding Anniversary!!! We Love You!!

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