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Kim and Tony's 25th

Last month we did a 25th Wedding anniversary for Kim and Tony from Vallejo CA. The shoot took place at the historic Claremont Hotel and Spa in Berkeley CA on a cool winter evening. Kim and Tony are close friends of legendary rapper E-40, also from Vallejo, and his beautiful wife Tracy who were also at the event. The evening began with a cocktail and mingling hour then the ceremony and afterwards a reception that resembled a tropical paradise. This was one of the most enjoyable shoots we have had in a long time not to mention getting to know E-40 and Tracy who are a very together and "down to earth" couple. We wish Kim and Tony a very HAPPY 25th Wedding Anniversary!! We would also like to congratulate E-40 on his latest entrpreneurial endeavor, his new line of beer called E40 which recently hit the shelves in the East Bay Area!! A peek at The Anniversary DVD cover is below. 25 Years!!!! and they dont even look 25 years old.

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