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Warm tropical waters, aqua blue/green clear and calm. Coconut, ripe mangoes, bananas, kiwi, pineapple, sour oranges, and scarlet plums, Fresh Conch, grilled whole snapper, also known as sea bass, and Island Rum Runners served in fresh coconut shells!! What does that sound like?? Well, we experienced it back in October when we took a cruise to the Bahamas right after hurricane Dorian. When we arrived in Freeport, it was still reeling from the devastation but about 80% up and running as normal. Nassau and Half Moon Cay were running full force with operations going smoothly. All excursions, food, entertainment, and tourist attractions were as normal. We had a blast to say the least. And, if you would like to experience a little tasts of what we had, go ahead and click on the picture below.

ENJOY! The Trotter Video Team.

st!!! We are definitely looking forward to our next trip.

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